Last Minute Holiday? Don’t Forget the Travel Insurance

Who would turn down the chance to go on a last minute holiday? The opportunity for a week sunbathing, even if it’s at a day or two’s notice, is just too good to refuse. Last minute holidays mean hurried preparations, however, and it’s easy to forget one or two details. Whatever you do don’t let that forgotten detail be the single trip travel insurance that we all hope won’t be necessary, but unfortunately often is.

Last Minute Hazards

A hasty holiday can mean you don’t have time to plan as well as you would normally when embarking on a trip. If you are going to a sun-drenched climate, perhaps it’s as small a detail as forgetting to pack that essential sun cream. Then, being relaxed and carefree may mean that you decide to forego the trip to the shop to pick some up and head for the beach instead. Well that may be OK if you are used to the sun, but for those pale-limbed Northern creatures such a risk is not to be advised. A visit to the Accident and Emergency Department with severe sunburn or heat stroke will not get your holiday off to a good start and could result in a hefty bill. Some compensation could be gained from knowing that your single trip travel insurance at least assures you will not be paying for this oversight for months to come, fiscally as well as physically!

On the other hand you may remember your sun protection but decide to indulge your adventurous spirit a little. Water sports always look easier from a prone position on a sun bed, but the reality can be very different. Let’s just imagine you decide to try water skiing; wonder of wonders you manage to get upright, but then just as quickly you fall flat on your back at great speed. Not a great scenario, and certainly not something you’d want to happen, as it would undoubtedly result in a trip to the local hospital and more expense. Yet again, however, at least your purchase of single trip travel insurance will save some of your pain – if only the one in your wallet.

If you’re not particularly a fan of the heat and prefer the crisp, cold invigorating experience of a ski holiday, the same (if not more) caution is still advised when it comes to insurance cover. Even the most accomplished of skiers can have an accident, and being helicoptered out from your off-piste skiing experience with a fractured leg will definitely turn it into a holiday you’ll never forget – for all the wrong reasons. At least if you’ve prepared with the appropriate single trip travel insurance policy you won’t be paying for that helicopter ride for the next two years.

Even last minute holidays need some plans put in place. Just make sure that your spontaneous decisions to take a break don’t result in long-term consequences: get appropriate cover before you leave.