Obama Nanny Care – The Second Biggest Hoax Ever

I hear the rising clamor about the incompetent implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act. What I do not hear is the demand of all Americans that what was theirs be returned to them; a free enterprise health care system.

While the feds and their cronies are depriving us of the finest medical services in the world, we whine only about the unfairness of having policies discontinued and being charged outrageous premiums to pay for services we will never use. I do not hear about returning to us what is rightfully ours; a better, safer, more effective exchange of demand and supply. If you’ll recall, I’m talking about the dignified business transactions that all Americans had access to before the feds started calling the shots.

In the days when we had fewer government busy bodies directing our lives, being a self-reliant people, each family had its own homemade health remedies and prescriptions for dealing with the occasional fever, burned finger, and broken toe. Relying on ourselves, and knowing there was usually a physician within reach to handle more dire ailments, we believed we had all the health care we needed. Up until as recently as fifty years ago, an individual dealt directly with his physician and surgeon. He did this as he saw fit and usually with the satisfaction of negotiating a payment agreement that was amenable to all. Cash ‘n’ carry. That was the way.

In addition to working for and setting aside funds for a run-of-the-mill medical need, responsible heads of families and single workers took out moderately priced major medical insurance policies to manage the costs of unanticipated surgeries and hospital stays. As dignity demands, these were considered private matters between patient and physician.

Then along came the feds and their administration with a dose of new reality; we weren’t allowed to manage the business of our own, very personal, health needs. We were told that it wasn’t fair that we, an independent people, enjoyed the dignity of protecting and maintaining our own individual health and medical needs. Nope! Because the government deemed this practice to be unfair to a small percentage of our population (the beginning of the political entitlement card), they’d make things right with structured entitlement spending for one and all. Rather than allowing the private sector to evolve according to need and ability to pay, Big Brother stepped in between patient and physician, and only as unconstitutional central planners can, began dictating pricing, availability, and determining which recipients must pay, and those who may not. (It was a matter of fairness, you see; statistics are so much smarter than the rest of us, and are therefor charged with legislating our decisions for us.)

Employer-Provided Coverage – Between 1940 and 1960, some employers began offering private health care benefits to entice and keep exceptional employees. However, as medical costs rose during the next two decades, the federal government arbitrarily mandated employers not to simply offer this employment perquisite to select employees, but also assume much of the premium expense, as well as the excessive administrative burden of managing doctor-patient transactions in-house, while adhering to bottom-line-depleting government regulations.

Medicare and Medicaid – Through 1965 legislation, the unemployed sector of the elderly, needy, and indigent began receiving the benefits of Medicare and Medicaid. Typical of socialist programs rarely thought through for the long-term, service providers had their fees reduced, and those who paid too little or nothing for their care often abused it. (When I personally witnessed a young mother demanding that someone in a hospital emergency ward provide and apply a Band-Aid to her child’s bruised finger, I was aghast! Obviously, she knew nothing of the dignity of self-reliance and the respect for others’ time, effort, and expense.)

Unlike physicians and surgeons bowing to the restrictions of Medicare and Medicaid, since this government encroachment began, its favored cronies have received handsome dividends; from pharmaceutical monopolies to costly elective surgical procedures and consultations, many palms have been overly greased, while the insured have been dictated to and required to cough up more of their hard-earned money in order to grant those federal entitlements.

Health Maintenance Organizations – From the early HMO’s to today’s Obama Nanny Care, government remains at the dictatorial helm, adjusting here, waiving there, in the hope of assuaging the American people’s protests, predictability until the upcoming mid-term elections have passed. A number of well-meaning representatives have presented bills for the Senate’s consideration, which would combat the ravages against our individual care and national economy, bills that would assist Americans in taking back the rein of their personal health needs. Unfortunately, the progressive corruption corps fights to maintain its lucrative grasp on The People.

Should the complete implementation of this health care act ever materialize, We, the American People, will experience an even more astounding shock; i.e., we will find that having health care “insurance” in no way ensures we will receive the quality, state-of-the-art facilities and services we have come to expect and enjoy. Make no mistake: Second only to his deceitful royalist presidency, 44’s signature legislation is the biggest hoax ever.