Dental Implant Insurance – Limited Availability of Implant Dental Insurance

Dental implants are a costly investment and often exceed an individual’s budget. Generally the cost is about $1,000 per tooth. If you are currently covered by a dental plan, it is more than likely that dental implants will not be covered. Most insurance plans do not cover this procedure and the ones that do are very expensive. If you are considering getting implants then it would be worth the cost to invest in insurance that will cover it.

Insurance plans were established far before dental implants became a popular procedure. If you currently dental implant insurance than it probably won’t be enough to even pay for most of the procedure. Depending on the policy, it will most likely only cover an emergency treatment. Also note that some implant dental insurance may only be offered as an addition to your current policy. Always ensure that you are familiar with what you are covered for and don’t make assumptions as you may get stuck in disappointment.

It’s always a good idea to ask for assistance from your insurance provider to help you file a claim. This is because they will help you fill out the claim correctly and ensure you have all required information included with your claim. If you had implant done because of an accident or an injury to your mouth, your records may be an important factor to determine whether your insurance provider will cover your expense.

The main reason why dental implant insurance may not be covered by your provider is because it is often looked at as cosmetic. It is often a good idea to discuss with your dentist about the costs involved with an implant procedure with out insurance coverage as you be able to plan your financial situation in terms of payment and financing options.

It would be advised to look into your medical plan for implant dental insurance as some policies may cover certain procedures and implant work. If jaw reconstruction is required to improve function in your moth to eat and drink, than your plan may cover this.