The ABC’s of Preventing a Car Break-In

The ABC’s of Preventing a Car Break-In

“I can still vividly picture the moment I drove into my home driveway late at night and saw my teenager’s car door wide open. Before I could even berate my daughter in mind for being so negligent, a man scampered out of the car empty-handed and sprinted down the blog, losing one clog in his wild escape, recounted an acquaintance of mine who paradoxically was employed as an insurance agent in a car insurance agency.

“It was obvious that the vehicle trespasser had attempted to rob my daughter of anything of value she had left behind inside her car. Lucky for him, the girl had left a door open. To his misfortune, I pulled up and caught him in the act before he could actually do any damage.

“My midnight encounter with this car thief underscores so boldly how each of us needs to be proactive about preventing car break-ins,” continued my insurance pal.

The primary things any car owner or driver needs to be careful about is making sure no door, window or sun roof is left open and unlocked and never to leave your car running with the keys in the ignition.

Then there are the other factors car owners or drivers need to keep in mind.

Insurance companies tell us that the majority of car break-ins are perpetuated by random offenders unassociated with sophisticated crime. They peer into a car and see something they want and act spontaneously.

If the car happens to be open, they are more prone to trying to get stuff because it’s an easy target.

Everyday items that you should not leave inside your car for all to view include phones, wallets, purses, shopping bags, computers, electronics, coins and change and keys.

In addition, drivers should try to park in brightly lit, well-traveled areas where automobile and pedestrian traffic is a given. Moreover, drivers should opt for a parking lot that has a parking attendant manning the place to deter auto thieves.

If your neighborhood does not yet have a volunteer community watch, aiding the police department in thwarting criminal activity, it may be a good idea to start one.

Studies show there is less of a crime rate where designated crime stoppers are on the look-out


Before parking your vehicle, make sure to put valuable things inside the trunk. To ensure a potential thief does not see you in the process, transfer the things prior to reaching your parking spot destination.

While any of these things are good ways to prevent a break-in, a theft can occur despite our best efforts. That is why speaking to an experienced independent insurance agency about your specific needs in relation to a fitting auto policy is advised.